CPAP Multi Mask Sleep Pillow

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Improves comfort and CPAP use with all styles and brands of masks. PRODUCT NON-RETURNABLE


The CPAP Multi Mask Sleep Pillow improves comfort promotes proper support and contact free CPAP use.


  • Use with all styles and brands of masks.
  • Provides neck support for back and side sleeping.
  • Improves both spinal and airway alignment.
  • Reduces mask leaks and eases pressure on mask and face for a more comfortable sleep.
  • Pillow has a pressure free mask zone area, ear comfort depression, and an inclined forehead support to keep face from rotating downward.

Support Regions for CPAP Pillow

Support Regions:

  1. Neck Support for back and side sleeping
  2. Shoulder Naturally rests in this curve for proper position and neck support
  3. Pressure-Free Mask Zone
  4. Head Support Area
  5. Ear Comfort depression
  6. Inclined Forehead Support to keep face from rotating downwards

The sleep apnea pillow promotes proper support and contact free CPAP use. It is designed to provide support and comfort while reducing mask pressure, leaks and discomfort for sleep apnea patients. Discomfort is a major factor contributing to non-compliance with sleep apnea devices. During side sleeping or stomach sleeping, the sleep apnea mask presses and rubs against the patient's face, which leads to discomfort and can also distort the mask, causing leaks and exacerbating the problem of non-compliance. The CPAP Multi Mask Pillow Improves sleep apnea mask comfort, freedom of movement during sleep, multi-position sleeping for side, back and stomach sleepers, neck support and spinal alignment.

CPAP Pillow Before and After

Mask Leaks CPAP Ease of Use
Pressure on Mask and Face Sleep Comfort
Mask Discomfort CPAP Compliance
  Neck Support and Spine Alignment
  Airway Alignment


Improves Comfort & CPAP Use with All Mask Brands & Styles

Multiple Brand & Styles Mask Compatibility


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