Smart Caregiver Door Watch Monitor

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Door Watch Monitor


This “All in One” Anti-Wandering Single Door Monitor System functions with just a Door Alarm and a Resident Wristband. Simply mount the Door Monitor Alarm by any exit or doorway in your care facility, plug it in, and place Wristband on resident. When a Resident wearing a Wristband attempts to wander too close or through the doorway, the Door Monitor Alarm sounds audible and visually.


  • Easy to install, no hard wiring necessary
  • DepartAlert™ System includes – Door strip monitor alarm, resident wristband, magnetic contact switch, AC power adapter, and magnetic Caregiver reset key.
  • Optional Setting: TamperProof™ Only the caregiver can reset the monitor with patented caregiver key.
  • Transmitter and receiver tester can be used to ensure resident transmitters and receivers are functioning properly (*sold separately)
  • Can be integrated with an additional Smart Caregiver central monitor

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Fall Prevention Features Battery/AC Operated, Multiple Patients, Radio Transmitted Signal
Condition Aids To Daily Living