Guide to Incontinence Products

Over 13 million Americans are incontinent, 85% of whom are women. If, like so many of our adult population, you or a loved one suffers the shame and discomfort of incontinence, there is help. This condition no longer needs to control you or your loved ones life. The stigma of incontinence is often more debilitating than the physical condition. Most people would rather stay at home than risk the embarrassment of losing control. Isolation can lead to depression and prevent a person from enjoying family and friends.

There should be no disgrace in being incontinent. It is a physical condition that can be treated and frequently cured by a health care professional. Treatment options should be discussed with your doctor and range from bladder training, muscle conditioning, medication and surgery. To help in managing incontinence, there are many new products available. Choosing the right one for the level of incontinence is very important. New high tech absorbents and other materials are used to assure complete comfort, maneuverability, odor protection, ease of wear, and are invisible under clothing. All of which will give you the confidence to take back an active, social life.

The following chart can help you choose which type of product is best suited for the level of incontinence you are dealing with. For more information or to order any of the products listed below, click on the product picture.

LightModerateModerate To HeavyHeavy
Sheild/Pads – Attach to your own underwear with an adhesive strip Liners/Guards – Slightly heavier than shields. Also with an adhesive strip which attaches to your own underwear.
Beltless Undergarments – Disposable pads fit inside washable pants.
Undergarments – Belted and disposable Fasten with elastic belts & buttons around the waist.
Protective Underwear – Unisex, one-piece, disposable underwear with elastic waist band and flexible leg gatherings.

Briefs – Disposable full wrap around style fasten with tape tabs.