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Guide to Seat Cushions

Selecting a seat cushion can be very confusing, especially with so many choices. How do you decide which one to buy? Let the Surface Selection Guide below help you to match the needs of the user to the appropriate product. It is also suggested that you review this guide with your health care professional to assure you are choosing the best possible application for the intended user.

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Care Representatives to assist you toll free at 866-802-6337.

The following chart can help you choose which type of product is best suited for the level of incontinence you are dealing with. For more information or to order any of the products listed below, click on the product picture.

  Low Risk - Braden ≥ 15 - Walks or relieves pressure regularly - Sits intermittently Moderate Risk
  • Braden 12-14
  • Infrequently relieves pressure
  • Sits moderate to long periods
  • Questionable sensation
High Risk
  • Braden ≤ 11
  • Poor mobility to relieve pressure
  • Sits for a long period of time
  • Insensate
  • Existing ulcer
  • History of sitting ulcer
  • At highest risk
  • Insensate
Isch-Dish® EO192       Patented open pocket design, fitted to the userís ischial span.
Equalizer™ EO192     Viscoelastic top, soft polymer inserts, extra-soft ischial/ coccyx relief zone, shaped foundation.  
Isch-Dish®Thin EO192     Low profile version of standard Isch-Dish for users requiring reduced height.  
EZ Dish™ E0964   Simple, non-fitted design provides partial offloading of ischials & coccyx    
Geo-Matt®Contour E0964   Supportive, contoured base with premium, anti-shearing Geo-Matt top layer.    
Geo-Matt®Wedge   Geo-Matt surface, with 4" (front) to 2" (back) taper. helps keep user's hips from sliding forward.    
Geo-Matt®PRT E0964   Low profile (3"), premium density version of standard Geo-Matt cushion.    
Gel-T®   Segmented gel-filled bladder cradled between 2 soft foam layers.    
Geo-MattCushion® Unique geometry creates individually responsive, anti-shearing cells in a 4" standard density cushion.