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Guide to Skin Care

Important Note: The following Skin Care Plan is presented as a suggested regimen to maintain healthy skin. In the event of a rash caused by incontinence, skin tears, or ulcer development, it is recommended that you consult a health care professional.


Apply Selan Protective Lotion twice daily to moisturize and protect your skin, greatly improving skin turgor (strength), and thereby preventing tears and ulcers. In addition to its rich emollients, Selan Protective Lotion adds a layer of silicone protection to the skin, helping prevent rashes caused by irritation and incontinence. And like all Selan products, Selan Protective Lotion is non-greasy and very pleasant to use.


If the individual has localized problem areas (like hips, elbows, heels and buttocks) that require a more concentrated product, use Selan Protective Cream  twice daily. Regular use of Selan Protective Cream will keep the skin from breaking down, saving the individual the agony of skin tears and pressure sores. Selan Protective Cream should be your primary line of defense in protecting skin from breakdown.


For incontinent individuals, use Selan+ Zinc Oxide Barrier Lotion  daily. The healing and barrier properties of zinc oxide work with Selan's skin softeners and protective ingredients to prevent urine burns, rashes and skin breakdown caused by incontinence. Since Selan+ Zinc Oxide Barrier Lotion is both a moisturizer and a barrier, many cost-conscious individuals have used it to replace both their everyday moisturizer and their barrier ointment with great success.


To prevent and/or treat stage one decubitus, first stage bed sore, as well as incontinence burns, rashes and perineal skin problems, use Selan+ Zinc Oxide Barrier Cream . Selan+ Zinc Oxide Barrier Cream is concentrated to achieve the maximum effect of Selan's softening and protective ingredients as well as the healing and barrier benefits of zinc oxide. Many nurses report that reddened areas clear up overnight when treated with Selan+ Zinc Oxide Barrier Cream. Selan+ Zinc Oxide Barrier Cream is very different from other zinc oxide barrier creams and ointments. Selan+ Zinc Oxide absorbs quickly and leaves no heavy, hard-to-remove residue. You will love its non-greasy formula and its fresh scent. And Selan+ Zinc Oxide Barrier Cream will not clog the pores of disposable undergarments.

Selan+ Zinc Oxide Barrier Cream can be applied as often as needed to prevent and/or treat dry skin, rashes caused by incontinence or skin overlap, and reddened areas. Successful prevention programs direct nurses and care givers to apply Selan+ Zinc Oxide to problem or potential problem areas every time they turn a patient, wash a patient, or change a diaper. Selan+ Zinc Oxide should be applied at least 3 times a day, though some nurses recommend application every four hours with incontinent patients. Ingredients: All Selan products contain purified water, cetyl alcohol, sorbitol, silicone (dimethicone), glyceryl monostearate, sodium lauryl sulfate, lanolin, fragrance, methylparaben, propylparaben and quaternium-15. Selan+ Zinc Oxide also contains zinc oxide.