Infrared Over the Bed or Bedside Alarm side Model includes mounting bracket

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Bredside with optional bracket


Infrared Bedside Alarm uses Passive Infrared (PIR) technology and is the first truly hassle-free alarm. There are no sensor pads, pull-cord, or clips to fumble with to cause inconvenient false alarms. Just set the alarm at bedside and the infrared beam will monitor every movement. Used at bedside, the PIR Alarm lets you know if a patient or loved one is trying to get out of bed. As soon as a hand, foot, or head crosses through the PIR's invisible beam, the alarm triggers - making the caregiver aware the patient is in need of assistance. This early warning system is great for home or institutions for the high risk patient or anywhere early detection is crucial. Alarm unit emits a beam parallel to the bed's surface. This invisible "curtain of protection" offers a greater area of coverage than most sensor pads or pull-cord alarms, without the false alarms associated with normal repositioning. The PIR unit has both alarm and chime settings which sound at 85 dB. When activated,...

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