UROCARE Latex Reusable Male Urinal Kit

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Perfect fit and comfort that creates security.
I bought this external urinal as I needed something to relieve myself while in my small plane. Diapers, while practical, aren't very comfortable and are bulky and noticeable under clothing. This isn't so with this product. It fits just like my athletic supporters do. My only wish is that the sheath be slightly wider. Some personal lubricant does allow for insertion. While a little uncomfortable with my first use, I soon realized that it worked perfectly and there were no leaks. I was able to go twice and not worry. This is now mandatory for all guys who fly in my plane for more than an hour. On a side note, I have also used this while attending seminars with long lectures and also to the movies.
My ailment is from an injury I suffered when I was in my teens. My bladder spasms once it is nearing full and I can't control it. Having this with me makes life comfortable and convenient.
Review by Rob / (Posted on 12/15/2010)

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